Antonina Popova

Enter the realm of immersive art experiences, where techniques breathe life into abstract forms. Created by a visual artist in Rhône-Alpes, France, these captivating pieces invite you to explore narratives within each creation and the boundless potential of imagination, where shapes, colors, and forms converge.

Belief driving my art

My art is driven by a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. Growing up in an era where art was discouraged as a viable profession, my passion faced resistance. Yet, this struggle fueled my determination. To reconnect with my artistic self, I embarked on a global journey, covering half of the globe and immersing myself in a rich tapestry of cultures and experiences.

These encounters and the liberation from my previous limitations have become the driving forces behind my art. My work is a testament to the boundless possibilities of imagination, where I seek to infuse reality with transformative power, inviting viewers into a world where the colors, shapes, and forms dance in harmony, reflecting the profound influences of my personal journey and the kaleidoscope of human experiences.

Bridging worlds through art

My art is a testament to the power of imagination in reshaping our perception of reality. It draws inspiration from my global journey, living in diverse cultures and embracing the beauty of our world. Through a myriad of artistic techniques, I craft immersive experiences that invite viewers to explore the limitless realms of imagination. Each piece invites you to infuse your own reality with creativity, bridging the gaps between cultures, traditions, and the boundless landscapes of the mind.
Numbers behind my artistic journey
  • 5 years
    of art school studies
  • 5 art courses
    I completed to improve skills
  • 164 one-on-one
    art instruction sessions
  • 28,603 hours
    of personal training
  • 1,054 artworks
    painted with acrylics, watercolours, oil, pencil and gouache
  • 6 countries
    where my art is exposed in private collections
  • 1art club
    I am a member of an artistic association in Switzerland
  • 3 art exhibitions
    featured my art and exposed them to a wider audience

Exhibition History

Gain insight into my exhibition history, the different locations where I have showcased my work, the themes that inspired my pieces and the diverse range of audiences that have engaged with my art.
International Art Exhibition 'I am Woman. I am Universe.'
Moscow, March 2023
I am excited to announce that my artwork, "Female Forms in Mosaic," was selected for display at the "I am Woman! I am Universe!" International Art Exhibition held at the Gallery Opportunities Lab in Moscow, Russia, aimed to celebrate the various roles that women play in modern society

This exhibition was personally significant to me as I am passionate about highlighting the various roles that women play in modern society. Growing up in an average Russian family, I was taught traditional domestic skills without much guidance on how to pursue my own dreams and passions. My experience of moving to Europe helped me to broaden my perspective on this topic.

As an artist, I use my work to express my thoughts and ideas. Through "Female Forms in Mosaic," I wanted to draw attention to the stereotyping of women in many countries, which reduces them to traditional roles and standard characteristics while ignoring their unique skills and values. My painting encourages viewers to examine the female silhouette closely, appreciate its beauty and complexity, and recognize the multifaceted nature of women.
International Art Exhibition 'Earth. Ver.21.23. Rebirth'
Moscow, May-June 2023
I am excited to share that my artwork, "Labyrinth in the Jungle," was chosen to be exhibited as part of the project "I form the future" at the "Earth. Ver.21.23. Rebirth" exhibition held at the Darwin State Museum in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition aimed to provoke questions about who leads the evolution process - human or nature - and the impact of human contributions to nature, given the potential for nature to wipe out humanity at any moment.

This exhibition was particularly meaningful to me as an environmental advocate since I was 12 years old when I presented my first ecological report at a city conference, which sparked my lifelong commitment to environmental advocacy, including at the United Nations.

As an artist, I use my work to express my thoughts and ideas. With "Labyrinth in the Jungle," I invite viewers to contemplate our relationship with nature and our place in the world. I represent nature as a complex labyrinth, symbolizing its incomprehensibility, where every step can lead to a vital discovery or to being lost forever. The natural system is too complex for us to understand or manage, and we must strive to respect the environment and work towards symbiosis with it, rather than trying to unravel it.
Beyond the canvas
These are the five pivotal life experiences that have shaped not only my artistic journey but also my character, contributing to the creation of my unique artistic style and perspective beyond the canvas.
  • Early adventures in art and color
    I was born in Russia, and my artistic journey began at the tender age of two. My earliest preserved artwork dates back to 1993, and since then, art has been my means of self-expression. I further honed my skills and passion by attending art schools, creative courses and private art classes. Through these experiences, I have developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of each colour and the fascinating ways in which colours interact with one another in different environments.
  • Breaking free from art's confinement
    In the post-Soviet Union era, art was predominantly harnessed for propaganda purposes, and pursuing it as a viable profession was not encouraged. My fervour for art received little support or comprehension, leading me towards a more conventional path in IT and Economics. To rediscover my true self in the art world, I knew I had to leave behind the limiting environment that held me back.
  • Exploring the world and shaping art
    My journey took me to six different countries across the globe, from Russia and the USA to Germany, France, Spain, and finally Switzerland. It allowed me to immerse myself in diverse environments, cultures, and traditions, broadening my horizons and rekindling the artistic fire within me. Along the way, I became involved in United Nations development projects spanning 56. These experiences profoundly influenced my contemporary artistic style, characterized by a dynamic interplay of abstract elements, colors, and shapes. Through this blend, I strive to create a new world where imagination infuses reality with its transformative power.
Expanding the reach of my art
My art has already found its way into international art exhibitions and private collections across Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Russia. I continue seeking new opportunities to showcase my work and extend the reach of my work to more countries.

If you have a proposal for me to exhibit my art or are interested in adding it to your collection, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can browse my online gallery to see the pieces that are currently available. If you have a specific vision or style in mind, I am also open to creating a personalized piece that speaks to your unique taste.
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