Labyrinth in the Jungle

Immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity of nature with this stunning artwork, titled 'Labyrinth in the Jungle'. This captivating painting invites you to explore the intricate details of a mystical jungle, with its lush foliage and towering trees. Its predominant shades of green and gold, subtle touches of blue and deep brown, and intricate composition create a sense of natural beauty and wonder, drawing your attention to the richness of the ecosystem.

As you gaze upon this artwork, you are reminded of the importance of appreciating and protecting the natural world's complexity and mystery. The jungle is a place of diversity and wonder, with each tree, plant, and animal playing a vital role in the ecosystem. With the fragility of our planet's ecosystems, it is essential that we take action to preserve the natural world for future generations.

This stunning artwork, created on an 80x60 cm canvas, is a beautiful addition to any art collection. Its detailed composition and vibrant colors will transport you to a world of natural beauty and wonder. Add this piece to your home or office to inspire you to appreciate and protect the natural world around us!


When you make a purchase, here are some important details to keep in mind:
  • Certificate of authenticity: This artwork includes a certificate of authenticity that confirms its provenance, originality, and authorship.
  • Happines Guarantee: Keep or return the painting for a full reimbursement within 3 days of receipt.
  • Payment options: Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
  • Insurance: I provide insurance for artwork during delivery. If any issues arise with the parcel, you will receive a full reimbursement.
  • Delivery: After payment, I will send your artwork within 3 days and provide you with a tracking number to monitor its delivery progress. Typically, delivery takes one week.

Technical characteristics of this artwork:
  • Material: acrylics on textile canvas, high gloss varnish
  • LxHxW: 80x60x1.7 cm
  • Weight: 1230 g
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