Swimming with Eagle rays

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the open sea with 'Swimming with Eagle Rays.' This mesmerizing artwork, skillfully rendered on a 60x60 cm canvas, captures the grace and grandeur of iconic oceanic creatures engaged in an awe-inspiring ballet beneath the waves.

Using a delicate yet pronounced color palette of soft and intense greys, tranquil light blues, and accents of glistening silver and delicate gold highlights, the painting evokes the tranquil depths of the ocean and the majestic movements of eagle rays.

Enhanced by a lustrous gloss varnish finish, the painting's surface boasts a smooth and radiant quality, further intensifying its visual allure. 'Swimming with Eagle Rays' not only brings the serene beauty of the open sea into any space but also invites contemplation of the extraordinary and interconnected world beneath the waves.

Invite the captivating elegance of 'Swimming with Eagle Rays' into your home or workspace and elevate your surroundings with the captivating ballet of these iconic sea species.


When you make a purchase, here are some important details to keep in mind:
  • Certificate of authenticity: This artwork includes a certificate of authenticity that confirms its provenance, originality, and authorship.
  • Happines Guarantee: Keep or return the painting for a full reimbursement within 3 days of receipt.
  • Payment options: Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
  • Insurance: I provide insurance for artwork during delivery. If any issues arise with the parcel, you will receive a full reimbursement.
  • Delivery: After payment, I will send your artwork within 3 days and provide you with a tracking number to monitor its delivery progress. Typically, delivery takes one week.

Technical characteristics of this artwork:
  • Material: acrylics on textile canvas, high gloss varnish
  • LxHxW: 60x60x1.7 cm
  • Weight:1050g
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